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Our Used And Demo Machines Are Perfect For Companies On A Budget

Were you aware that we have used and demo machines for sale in addition to our many other products and consumables? Tampo understands that for new start up companies, or for our clients that have a limited budget, purchasing a new machine may not be within their means. Which is why we offer used and demo machines to meet this need. Although some may shy away upon seeing the words “used” and “demo” when it comes to any sort of equipment, we guarantee that these pad printing machines provide all the same quality and benefits as our new products.

We have meticulously cleaned and maintained these machines so they will provide the precise image quality and result that our clients have come to expect from the Tampo name.

When you purchase one of our used or demo pad printing machines you are not only just getting the machine that will suit your needs, we offer these products with a complete package. These packages vary to the type of machine you are purchasing, but they will provide you with everything you need to start up a basic pad printing operation.

For example, if you were to purchase our Sealed Ink Cup 90 package it would include one sealed ink cup 90 (1 colour), and the machine stand.

As with all of our used and demo machine packages, the moment the unit arrives at your facility the machine is ready to use. All of this at a fraction of the cost of our new machines, but with the quality you expect from the Tampo name.

We have many differing machines available throughout the year. Regardless of what your printing needs are, or your budget, we can find the right pad printing machine for your job. Contact us at any time and we can find the right machine at the right price to get your pad printing operation under way.