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Crossing the Border and Going Green

For almost three decades we have been the leaders and innovators in the Canadian Pad Printing market. Even if you have never heard of our company you know our products. Our state of the art print making processes have been utilized in multiple industries ranging from toy manufacturing to medical products and everything in between. You may not recognize the Tampo Canada Inc. name but you definitely have seen our work.

Whether it’s the graphics on Lego products, the packaging on Willy Wonka candy products, or custom made hockey pucks. We provide the perfect printing solution to any size, shape, or texture of product our clients require. Now, after multiple decades of providing this service to Canada, our products have now crossed the border into the Northern United States! We are extremely excited to bring all of our products to Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York! Our focus has always been to provide the Canadian market with pad printing machinery and the essentials of pad printing, such as inks, printing pads, cliches/plates, thinners, solvents and additives. Now having the ability to bring our technical knowledge and service to our neighbors to the south of the border is a wonderful opportunity for both us, and our new clients in this region.

Tampo has always had a long history of innovation, and willingness to tackle the unknown to create faster and better ways of providing our clients with the exact product they need. We pride ourselves in leading the charge. Whether it is standard Pad Printing, the latest in Laser Etching technologies, or our duty to be a green conscious manufacturer. You can guarantee that our products will be the first to incorporate the newest formats, style, and materials.

When we say Green Ink We mean more than just a colour

Much like many companies we are definitely concerned with the impact our industry has on the planet. Because of this concern, we have become the forerunners in developing ways to lessen our carbon footprint, while still providing the efficiency and quality our customers have come to expect.

We invented the sealed ink cup to reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the production environment, and are dedicated to developing innovative printing inks. A large part of our research consists of using renewable raw materials. Unlike many other companies we take this research very seriously, and aren’t just paying lip service to an issue that has become a growing concern over the past 20 years; Nor do we toss the term “going green” lightly. We are in the business of taking care of our environment, which is why we have developed NEW environmentally-safe pad printing inks. Tampo Canada has inks that are Chlorine and Cyclohexanon free, as well as inks that are made from recycled materials.

cliche_laserIn addition to revolutionizing traditional pad printing inks, we were a decade ahead of the curve in the development of digital imaging systems to replace large format screen printers. We also pioneered the use of industrial laser systems for engraving steel, ceramic and other cliche materials, significantly reducing the environmental footprint of the cliche-engraving process. Since the inception of our company we have focused on how pad printing impacts the world around us. Being a green company is something we take a lot of pride in, and will continue to lessen our industry’s impact on the environment while we discover new ways to provide our clients with the top quality service they’ve come to expect from Tampo Canada.