Custom Printing May Require A Custom Fixture

Are you having difficulties with your printed image? Or do you have a product or material that may seem impossible to get your graphic on? Here at Tampo Canada we have your solution. We can custom build fixtures specific to your printing requirements. Regardless if you are using any of our machines, even some of the more complicated printers like our 4 or 6 cup pad printing machines we can custom build the correct fixtures to suit your needs.

All of our custom fixtures are machined and hand built to your specifications. These fixtures can be customized in aluminum, urethane compounds, and a wide variety of other materials depending on your application. Through years of research and development we have refined this process to bring you the best quality fixtures for any printing method your company utilizes. Our staff has experienced every type of material and image requirement imaginable, which allows us to quickly and easily assess which type of fixture that will fit your needs. This experience also provides us with the ability to build your custom fixture extremely fast and with little lapse in your production environment.

Our goal is to meet your custom fixture needs with as little disruption to your production line. By using Tampo’s staff to custom build your pad printing fixtures, you can be confident that these fixtures will be completed quickly and are guaranteed to meet the requirements of your company’s machine and printing needs.

So if you feel you have a potential problem that could arise by utilizing your standard machine set-up please contact us. We can assess your printing needs, and quickly provide you with a custom built fixture that will solve your unique application.