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What Exactly Is Colour Matching?

Colour matching the two words that anyone that works in our industry dreads. Not because of the difficulty it takes to accomplish, but because explaining it to our clients can be long winded and tends to get too technical for the average customer. The average customer only is concerned with the final product, and not about the process that is involved. When we use the term “colour matching” what we are describing is not only an art, but it’s also an exact science. Many variables affect the way the printed colour is perceived, and when any one of them changes, so does the printed colour. You can perform at the peak of your colour matching abilities and still the colour may seem off to a person who didn’t sleep well the night before.

We consistently work to be at the forefront of colour matching, and always take into account all of the variables that can affect the final image. We understand the very thin ink deposits used in pad printing present special challenges for ink formulators, and utilize what we know is necessary to employ both the art and science that is needed to satisfy our customers.

Three things must be present in order for a colour to exist: an object, light to illuminate that object, and an observer (such as a person or a colour-measurement device). These three components contain all the variables that affect your colour-matching capabilities.

Tampo always takes the time to ensure these three variables are considered when we begin any pad printing job. Regardless of your surface, design, or image colour we can ensure to provide you with the exact specifications that you and your company require