Four And Six Cup Pad Printing Machines

Complex designs and multiple colors can be one of the most difficult things to get right in the printing industry, especially if you are using the wrong machine. The margin for error is nil in our business, and this is where Tampo has always excelled. Unlike our competitors we have refined our methods to ensure that no matter how complex your image is, or how many colors it requires, the final printed product that these machines provide will be as perfect as you envisioned.

How did we do this? By creating our four and six cup printing machine. These machines are manufactured with the highest quality, and their performance provides the perfect image from the first piece to the last of your entire production run.

Tampo’s four and six cup pad printing machines keeps the part static. By utilizing this method the quality of the image doesn’t change or run. Unlike our competitor’s process in which the part moves along a conveyor belt below the pads, then pauses as the next color or line is imprinted on the part.

This method can create two issues:

  • The ink will begin hardening  by the time the part reaches the fifth or sixth cup, which will require the operator to add more thinner. Or;
  • The image will need to be tweaked in the creation phase as to counter act bleed and/or distortion on the final image because by using a conveyor there is no way to ensure the image will fall exactly where it should.

By developing this precise printing method, our machines continuously produce the color and image to your exact specifications every time. All your operator has to do is swap each part out as it is completed. Our four and six cup pad printing machines are fast, precise, and perfect for any of your printing needs.