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Getting The Right Ink

Our clients have always been our priority, whatever their printing requirements are we can meet them. In fact in the majority of cases we go well above and beyond what they ask. But occasionally there are issues when it comes to the ink colors that the client has chosen, versus what can actually be done with those inks based on the color of the material. Now it is extremely rare that we cannot meet a client’s wishes, but it can take time if some things are overlooked before production starts. The biggest of these, is the fact that the client has not taken into account the color of material the image or design is to be printed on.

We understand you are excited about your logo, that’s completely understandable. However just because the image may look fantastic on your computer, or on a sheet of paper, it may not translate to the material you want it printed on. Especially if the color of the material is anything but white.

To provide you with the exact look you want in the final product, we need to know how the final ink color looks on the colored material (i.e. blue, or black, yellow etc.). This is why we as all of our clients to send a sample of the material to be assessed and tested. Once we have assessed the material we can custom mix the inks specifically for your printing needs.