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Our Laser Marking Systems and the Environment

In 1993 Tampo had the innovative idea of manufacturing tampon printing clichés using laser technology. This concept was integrated with two goals in mind. To speed up the cliché manufacturing process, and more importantly to lessen the environmental impact traditionally associated with the printing industry. In the same year, the construction of a laser system was started.

It’s now just two decades later and laser marking, which is an extremely fast and clean marking technology, is rapidly replacing older product marking technology. In particular, with the traditional inkjet marking systems. A key factor in the widespread adoption of laser marking is the exponential increase in the use of direct marking of part information to aid in tracking and traceability, from medical devices to automotive and aerospace parts.

The technique does not involve the use of inks, nor does it involve tool bits which contact the engraving surface and wear out. These properties distinguish laser engraving from alternative engraving or marking technologies where inks or bit heads have to be replaced regularly.

Benefits include superior permanent mark quality; highly flexible marks that can incorporate text, graphics, logos and data codes; and a wide range of markable materials. In addition, laser marking is a high speed process that is easily integrated into the manufacturing line. Safety is enhanced because laser marking is a non-contact process with good standoff distance, and the lack of chemicals makes it environmentally preferable.

The part information may be in the form of human readable alphanumerics and barcode or Data-Matrix codes. Easy and flexible automation, improved environmental profile, and low cost of ownership add to the benefits of the technology. A variety of laser technologies are available, depending upon the application, mark type needed, and material to be marked.

Not only are we the creators of laser marking technologies, we at Tampo offer multiple products to suit your printing needs. Our Hybrid has the ability to replace five conventional tampon printing machines, and provides such a clean working environment that your work can be performed in a white shirt.

Our Cliché Laser is the most economic laser engraved cliché production on the market and clearly superior to the laser plotter systems with regard to precision and speed, and is extremely easy to use.

Tampo’s Mark On The Fly (MOF) is exceptional on so many levels when it comes to lessening environmental impact on our planet. It provides lower energy, and reduced repair costs, it is almost completely maintenance free, and takes up very little space. The MOF gives you all of this and still allows up to 2,500 laser marked parts/min with increased legibility of the marking.

Finally, through years of development we have brought to you, our clients, the Intaglio. A breakthrough in the cliché printing industry, the Intaglio is suitable for screen printing and utilizes the TAMPOPRINT tampon printing ink “IPP,” specially developed for it. The quality of this system is unique on the market and is in a position to create screen motifs and photorealistic print images. Cliché production with the “Intaglio” cliché laser will convert data into printable screen data by means of the RIP-software. This software will split the artwork during the conversion into single process channels.