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Printing Solutions For Electronics

In the last 30 years the ways we use electronics in our lives has skyrocketed. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, home computer, television, and now even our cars we utilize some form of electronics in everything we do. What was initially seen as a trend is now an essential part of our day. Tampo has proudly partnered with many electronic manufacturers before our planet’s switch to the digital age, providing the necessary branding and decoration on their products. In many instances it’s not only the exterior of the product that has utilized one of Tampo’s printing methods, but also many of the interior components as well.

Our company understands the electrical, and electronics industry extremely well and we consistently provide the requirements these companies expect for their products. These industries require a high print image quality because often very fine prints are necessary. Many of these parts are made of materials which are resistant to abrasive and chemical materials.

Recognizing this we have developed specific ink types which will cling to these surfaces in even the harshest conditions. Tampo even went a step further and developed a laser marking method which offers our clients another method to ensure their desired print will be clear for as long as their product is in use.

As the internal components become smaller, the need for high resolution and high contrast coding and small mark windows, electronics and electrical components posed a number of unique coding challenges. The final product must also be able to resist chemicals in the production process that can degrade legibility. We are at the forefront of creating the technology to work in this type of environment. As the technology in the electronics industry changes, Tampo is changing their printing technologies in stride with these clients.

As technology changes we need to stay current, and in the electronics field specifically, we understand the maximum adhesion of the print and readability are other mandatory requirements. The solution using tampon printing and/or laser marking is ideal.