The Rotary Revolution

The name Tampo has always been synonymous with cliché pad printing, but our introduction of the Rotary Tampon Printing system may be one of our innovations that you are unfamiliar with. Rotary Tampon Printing allows you to the ability to print on the circumference of any rounded material. The best examples being syringes, small laboratory tubes, refills for writing utensils, or cylindrical working pieces. Our Rotary systems can easily handle single or multi colored markings with exceptional color brilliance even at a 0.1 mm line thickness. A production line of standard medical syringes, working continuously, would achieve an output upwards of 600 cylindrical pieces per minute in multi-color utilizing our Rotary Printing flow. It also will print on slightly uneven surfaces with the exceptional quality.

Our Rotary Tampon Printing process is extremely safe on your production materials regardless if you are using ABS, PS, PVC, or PP. As the Rotary flow utilizes our UV tampon printing ink, and the line is UV drying integrated.

This system will easily fit into your existing production line and provide you with both incredible production speeds, and the exceptional reproduction you’ve come to expect from all of Tampo’s products.

For years our competitors have attempted to achieve these same results by utilizing “off-set printing” methods. Those products don’t even come close to what our Rotary systems can provide for you and your clients. Our mandate at Tampo has always been innovation and customer satisfaction. We definitely feel that our Rotary Tampon Printing lines are just one of many examples of how we strive to bring the latest, and best, printing solutions to you.