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Tampo Training - What’s Right For You?

Looking to keep your staff up to date in all the developments in the pad printing industry? Tampo offers both on and off-site training for all of our machines and consumables, this way you know your staff is confident and well versed in all aspect of your company’s printing needs.

On-site Training

On-site training is accomplished in your facility. We begin by reviewing your methods, machines, materials and the size of your staff. Once this review is completed we have complete knowledge of what your staff is doing correctly, where their skills are lacking and everything in between. From here we review all of these issues, as a team, from both a practical and theoretical standpoint and cover everything we discovered during our review of your facility.

The team aspect of our on-site training is essential, as we can not only address the issues we have found at your business, but we can also gain valuable input from your staff to work together and make sure all of the issues in your work environment are solved. By listening to your staff’s concerns in regards to your machines and materials, we can solve defects and introduce different methods of manufacturing specific to your printing needs much faster and easier.

Off-site Training

Off-site training is provided in a controlled environment at our offices in Oakville. By employing our method of Theory and Practice, this training is highly effective and will provide your staff with the tools they need to obtain the final look of the product you desire.

The Theory section of our training is a classroom discussion of the best pad printing methods, as well as demonstrations of our machines and accessories, and the proper use of the consumable products that Tampo provides.

The Practice side of this training provides the students attending with the chance to see how each of these components work together. By placing a part in front of them and discussing all of the potential issues that could arise and how to properly address each issue. These discussions are very lively and we have found that the students not only receive a wealth of information, but gain the benefit of learning the proper methods of pad printing and trouble shooting in a team environment. Finally the students, coached by one of our instructors, work together to perform the correct methods of practice taught that day to reinforce the acceptable printing samples required for the product.

Benefits and Limitations of Each Training Method

On-site training is effective for new applications, or when a new piece of equipment has been introduced. Where this training method truly excels is when you are trying to increase the efficiency the workflow in your pad printing department.

The benefits of off-site training are most felt when your are utilizing new applications, or training for those employees who have never printed before and have yet to develop bad habits that need to be addressed and solved. The additional benefit of off-site training is your employees can focus on the learning environment with out feeling the pressures or distractions they may feel when being educated in the facility that they are employed.

Regardless of your requirements, we at Tampo can facilitate both on and off-site training and provide you and your staff with all the tools they need to provide your customers with the best quality printed image. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss the best way to implement a training method that suits your needs.