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Having Trouble With An Image? Try Our Test Print Service

If you’re having trouble finding the right colour or shade for any of your products, or if you are unsure if the material you are using is even printable you should consider contacting us for a Test Print. Tampo’s Test Print service is the best place to start if you are having issues with coloured printing sample surface, unknown printing materials, and print images that are much more demanding then your current line. Our extremely fast service includes testing for standard and special ink types, as well as basic ink types in standard and special ink shades.

We recognize that the usage of different style inks becomes more and more important as our industry progresses and Tampo guarantees the best quality and fast service in spite of the wide range of ink types and shades.

Our Test Print service pricing is all-inclusive and covers many the many facets you will need to get the best quality image in your final product. From the perfect ink type and shade for the surface, the production of a tampon printing cliché for the test print in our application-engineering department, to your specific ink type, or shake, in a 250 ml package. These are all the steps we will go through before we ship you your original test printed sample!

All we require is a few simple things from you to ensure the look and quality you are seeking to achieve. Simply contact Tampo with your desired ink shade of the print image, your preferred ink type, and the surface material the image is to be printed on. That’s it! Simple, fast, and easy. Prices will vary per test print, and you will receive the price for your print need once your enquiry has been discussed.

So if you are having issues, contact our staff and we will gladly walk you through the steps needed to get the print results you are looking for.