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Go Green with Digital Imaging Solutions

A decade before any of our competitors had even considered implementing Digital Imaging into the fold, Tampo was there. We recognized immediately the industrial and environmental benefits of this technology. From that moment we began to develop and improve it until we reached the best line of Digital Imaging products on the market.

Green Grass Logo When Tampo started with this process it was very much a chemical and mechanical based application. Now, through our research and development, we have made it purely electronic through the use of laser technology. This innovative turn has made Digital Imaging the most environmentally sound alternative to traditional chemical based cliché/plate etching methods.

Not only does it conserve the amount of labour intensive work, Digital Imaging also reduces your environmental impact by not using any chemicals unlike traditional UV Exposure units. Such units need to be calibrated frequently because of the light spectrum changing on the UV Bulbs with usage which affect your cliché/plate depth, this is now a thing of the past, consistent quality and etching depth is assured each and every-time using Digital Imaging. A traditional photopolymer plate takes approximately 45-60mins to complete, from beginning to print ready. With a Digital Imaging laser, plates take as little as 20 seconds to 10 mins depending on the image size and detail. Gone are the days of burning man hours, inconsistent quality, and money lost!

This technology not only is a time and money saver, it also offers you and your client the piece of mind that you are conscious of what effect you are having on the environment. By combining Digital Imaging with Tampo’s line of Green Friendly Inks, you can be confident that you are providing the best quality product with as little of a carbon footprint as possible.

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