Four And Six Cup Pad Printing Machines

Complex designs and multiple colors can be one of the most difficult things to get right in the printing industry, especially if you are using the wrong machine. The margin for error is nil in our business, and this is where Tampo has always excelled. Unlike our competitors we have refined our methods to ensure that no matter how complex your image is, or how many colors it requires, the final printed product that these machines provide will be as perfect as you envisioned.

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Custom Printing May Require A Custom Fixture

Are you having difficulties with your printed image? Or do you have a product or material that may seem impossible to get your graphic on? Here at Tampo Canada we have your solution. We can custom build fixtures specific to your printing requirements. Regardless if you are using any of our machines, even some of the more complicated printers like our 4 or 6 cup pad printing machines we can custom build the correct fixtures to suit your needs.

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Tampo Training - What’s Right For You?

Looking to keep your staff up to date in all the developments in the pad printing industry? Tampo offers both on and off-site training for all of our machines and consumables, this way you know your staff is confident and well versed in all aspect of your company’s printing needs.

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Printing Solutions For Electronics

In the last 30 years the ways we use electronics in our lives has skyrocketed. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, home computer, television, and now even our cars we utilize some form of electronics in everything we do. What was initially seen as a trend is now an essential part of our day. Tampo has proudly partnered with many electronic manufacturers before our planet’s switch to the digital age, providing the necessary branding and decoration on their products. In many instances it’s not only the exterior of the product that has utilized one of Tampo’s printing methods, but also many of the interior components as well.

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Tampo Helps Keep The Auto Industry Moving

By now you are probably familiar with Tampo’s longstanding relationship with Hot Wheels, but did you know that we also provide printing solutions for automotive industry as well? No matter what auto manufacturer you are talking about, there are around 200 components that are already printed, coated or engraved with Tampo technology on the average vehicle.

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Having Trouble With An Image? Try Our Test Print Service

If you’re having trouble finding the right colour or shade for any of your products, or if you are unsure if the material you are using is even printable you should consider contacting us for a Test Print. Tampo’s Test Print service is the best place to start if you are having issues with coloured printing sample surface, unknown printing materials, and print images that are much more demanding then your current line. Our extremely fast service includes testing for standard and special ink types, as well as basic ink types in standard and special ink shades.

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