Our Print Pad Offer Is Massive

By now you know that Tampo revolutionized the print industry by creating the tampon printing process, and the essential part of that process is your print pad. Whether you need a standard, anti static, or rotary pad you can be confident that any of our print pads will meet your job’s requirement.

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Our Services Are Always Available

Tampoprint machines are known world wide for their reliability but occasionally, like any machine, issues can arise and in rare cases even break down. Regardless if your machine is two, ten, or twenty-five years old the threat of a malfunction, although rare, is always there. In the event something like this takes place our talented and knowledgeable service staff is there to help. The majority of issues that can arise with your Tampoprint machine our staff can advise you over the phone. Through extensive troubleshooting we will provide you with the correct solution to the problem with little time loss to your production line.

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What Exactly Is Colour Matching?

Colour matching the two words that anyone that works in our industry dreads. Not because of the difficulty it takes to accomplish, but because explaining it to our clients can be long winded and tends to get too technical for the average customer. The average customer only is concerned with the final product, and not about the process that is involved. When we use the term “colour matching” what we are describing is not only an art, but it’s also an exact science. Many variables affect the way the printed colour is perceived, and when any one of them changes, so does the printed colour. You can perform at the peak of your colour matching abilities and still the colour may seem off to a person who didn’t sleep well the night before.

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Laser Etching Can Save More Than The Environment

In a past blog post we touched on the environmental benefits of laser etching plates as opposed to the traditional photochemical process. But those benefits are just the tip of a very large iceberg. Everyone in our industry is aware of how harmful the compounds and solvents used in photoengraving are to the environment. Switching your workflow to laser etching will eliminate that altogether, and it will also save your company time and labor by the very nature of the operation.

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Getting The Right Ink

Our clients have always been our priority, whatever their printing requirements are we can meet them. In fact in the majority of cases we go well above and beyond what they ask. But occasionally there are issues when it comes to the ink colors that the client has chosen, versus what can actually be done with those inks based on the color of the material. Now it is extremely rare that we cannot meet a client’s wishes, but it can take time if some things are overlooked before production starts. The biggest of these, is the fact that the client has not taken into account the color of material the image or design is to be printed on.

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Our Used And Demo Machines Are Perfect For Companies On A Budget

Were you aware that we have used and demo machines for sale in addition to our many other products and consumables? Tampo understands that for new start up companies, or for our clients that have a limited budget, purchasing a new machine may not be within their means. Which is why we offer used and demo machines to meet this need. Although some may shy away upon seeing the words “used” and “demo” when it comes to any sort of equipment, we guarantee that these pad printing machines provide all the same quality and benefits as our new products.

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